FIVE Non-Gift ideas for the Kids on your List

Ahhhhh!!!! It’s Christmas!!!!  Can you just feel my excitement coming through the screen?!?!  I love everything about this season- the sweet pine smell of Christmas trees, the lights, the music, hot cocoa…. Everything, that is, EXCEPT for buying (and wrapping) gifts.  Don’t get me wrong, because I absolutely LOVE giving gifts WAY more than receiving them, but I always over-analyze and worry about picking the perfect gift for everyone on my list.  Well, hopefully this post will give you a few ideas for the kiddos on your list this year!

When it comes to kids and Christmas, it’s all about the TOYS!!!  I don’t know about your house, but mine is OVERFLOWING with toys.  We have more than enough toys, so when making our list for T, and the other kids in our lives, I couldn’t bear the thought of adding any more toys to our collection.  Here are a few of my favorite things to give the kids in your life without adding to the toy clutter…

  • A membership to your local aquarium and/or zoo!  This was a gift given to T from her grandparents this past year, and it has been INCREDIBLE!  T loves animals, and it has been a huge hit for us.  The best part is… Kids under 2 are FREE!!!  If your little one is under two,  you just need a membership for you and your spouse.  How awesome is that?!?!  And even better, a lot of places even offer discount tickets if a grandparent or friend ever want to come along.  Now that T is almost 2, we are looking into a family package, which is always a good deal too.



  • Christmas pajamas!!!  How many of you are OBSESSED with the cute monogrammed Christmas pajamas you see on Pinterest, Etsy, etc?!?!  Well, if you are anything like me,  you totally are.  I don’t know about you, but this isn’t something that is typically on my list to buy for T.  Maybe it will be different when she has a sibling.  I am totally getting this for a number of kids on my list this year!  I started looking into these forever ago, but honestly I wasn’t willing to pay the $30 even $40 some sites were asking for was NOT in the budget.  Thankfully I found some blank ones, and my amazing friend Mallory Parker with Brockly Designs is doing a vinyl applique on them!  You seriously should see her stuff.  She does such great work!  I love the applique, especially on pajamas, because there is no “backing” as with true monogramming.  I want these pajamas to be so comfy and cute, and I have no doubt that they will be.  Pictures to come, as I want them to be a surprise for the kiddos I have them for.  Can you see a Santa sleepover in the future?!?!
  • Elf on the Shelf I know some people are against this tradition, but I think it is another fun element that adds to the magic of Christmas!  We do a steal-a-gift in my family gift exchange, and this was the gift that was stolen numerous times because all the new moms wanted it!  Totally something that you would not buy for yourself necessarily, but sure to be a hit.  It comes with a cute book and the elf of your choice.  You can choose a boy elf, a girl elf, and you can even get accessories.  I’m pretty sure they even have elf pets if you want to add a reindeer into the mix.  I have also heard about hiding a star that the Wise Men follow.  On Christmas eve the star is above your nativity!  Love bringing Jesus into this tradition as He is the reason for the season.  T is a little too young to understand that she can’t touch our elf, and that he is “watching” her, but she does enjoy finding him every morning in a new spot.  We keep him up high so she is not tempted to touch him, and it so sweet how she says “Hi Buddy!” every morning!  Excited to see how this tradition will grow and change over the years!!!
  • A Teepee!  If you have not read my previous post about our playroom and my LOVE for the teepee that is the nucleus of that room, check it out.  I am obsessed with our teepee, and it seriously is an element of our playroom that we use every. single. day.  My incredibly talented mother made our’s, but you can get them everywhere from Pottery Barn Kids,  Land of Nod, Hobby Lobby, or even Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Seriously an incredible gift that kids of any age will LOVE!


  • A Family Portrait Session!  So, let’s be honest…. The gifts we give to kids two and under are really more for the parents.  Am I right?!?!  What parent would not LOVE this gift?!?!  I mean, you seriously would be the COOLEST aunt, uncle, godparent, friend, whatever if you were to give this amazing gift!  At our most recent family photo session T had a blast.  30 minutes of playing, smiling, laughing…. She was in heaven!  This is  a gift that any parent, or grandparent for that matter, will cherish for years to come.  There are so many great photographers everywhere.  You seriously can scroll through Facebook and see some photographer tagged in just about all of your friend’s pictures.  I especially love supporting small businesses during this season, so this is a perfect way to do so.  We just used Brittany Dobbs with Dare to Be Different Photography, and she is AMAZING!  She has great prices, and is so wonderful to work with.  Check her out…  I mean, look at these amazing pictures she captured of us!

   The three of us

T and I

Hopefully you found a few gift ideas that will be helpful for you this holiday season as you shop for everyone on your list.  What is a gift you are excited about giving this season?

Thank you for reading along and sharing my posts as I try to get this blog off the ground.  You guys are great, and I truly appreciate your support, your feedback, and you reading along on this journey.  For everyone who was entered into the drawing for sharing my posts during my “Thankful” giveaway, thank you so much!  The lucky winner is…….. My friend Jill!!!!  Thank you so much!  Jill, I will get your prize in the mail to you asap!

Have a wonderful week everyone!



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